Holiday Season 2014

Merry Christmas All

Merry Christmas All

December already – where did this year get to?  Hopefully you are all ready for a fabulous holiday season filled with family and good tidings. We offer a savory recipe for this month, a Stuffed Acorn Squash filled with a sausage mixture, topped with a light tomato sauce and cheese.  Easy to prepare this is a meat and veggie in one dish meal.  Great use of winter squash, warming on a winter’s night. We wish you and yours the best of the holiday season – Safe travels, good friends and savory meals. Remember – Life is Short – Enjoy your Meals!

To accompany our recipe of the month we explore acorn squash as a vegetable itself.  Actually an edible gourd that is related to crookneck and zucchini squash, acorn squash is a good for you veggie that contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium.  Easy on calories and power house of potassium and other vitamins, acorn squash is a winner nutritionally.  Couldn’t be easier to prepare – half, scoop and bake.  We love simple here at FbyF and the acorn squash qualifies.

Are you familiar with Dashi?  Dashi comes to us from Japan and it is used in place of meat based stocks in oriental cooking.  Even though it’s made from fish and seaweed the taste is subtle and slightly smoky adding that authentic umami element to your oriental dishes.  Essential to many soups, miso soup is not the same without hondashi stock as it’s base.  Found online or at your favorite Asian grocer, dashi is a secret ingredient to oriental cooking.

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