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All Hallow's Eve

All Hallow’s Eve

Can you name any holidays in October besides Halloween?  There are a few – United Nations Day(24), Leif Erikson Day(9th), and everyone’s favorite – Mother in Law Day(25th). Planning big celebrations for each of those I assume…..oh yeah Sheldon – Thats Sarcasm!  Here in SWFL we are looking forward to the “winter” season for many reasons, but the biggest one is “It’s time to Plant the Garden”….that’s right, our biggest growing season has just started and will run to April. Funny how it is totally opposite from most of the USA.  We have fellow gardeners who have homes “up north” and plant during the regular summer season, wrap that up in Sept/October and then migrate down and start the garden over again here in SW Florida.  Double your garden, double your fun! Speaking of garden vegetables, we are featuring zucchini for October. Zucchini is a good producer and easy to use in a variety of ways. Perhaps the article will inspire you to a new zucchini adventure.

The recipe of the month for October is simply titled “Fresh Fish“. We are fortunate to have such a variety of fresh and salt water fish available here in Florida, that finding just the perfect way to prepare fish is mandatory. We prefer our fish baked, but the way we do the breading the fish comes out flaky with a crunchy topping that fills the bill. Olive oil cooking spray is key to helping the breading stick and have good texture. The simple olive and caper relish is the perfect salty accent for a flaky white fish filet. Give the recipe a try and send us a comment on how it turned out – we’d love to hear about it.

We explore capers as a spice it up element. Capers are actually a flower bud from a caper bush, picked and pickled. The caper bush will produce caperberries if the flower buds are not picked, these too are picked and pickled commonly. Capers are super salty, that briny taste pairs very well with fish as in the recipe of the month shows. Capers are the essential garnish for lox and bagels. Capers are grown in most arid areas and the caperbush is being used constructively in delicate eco-systems as a soil stabilizer as they are very drought tolerant and long lived.

As always: Life is short, Enjoy your Meals!

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