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augustA tribute to cooling things down in August. Crisp, cool salads with a super hearty tomato vinaigrette. The tomato harvest has probably begun in your area, take advantage of the glut. Our tomato vinaigrette is perfect over a greek type salad, excellent over grilled veggies or use it to dress the perfect caprese salad of tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil. It is redundant, but pour the tomato vinaigrette over sliced garden tomatoes and top with fresh chives or green herb of choice for the ultimate taste of summer. It’s all about pleasing the palate, using tomatoes and creating a cool island plate amid the scorching summer heat. Look for a variety of tomatoes at the local farmers markets; grape, beefsteak, roma’s, cherry and lots of slicing tomatoes are available even in summer here in SWFL.

Our other summer recipe is the perfect beach or picnic fodder. Simple, hearty and healthy black bean salsa. You can control the heat in this mix easily, depending on how many jalapeno’s you use, but the beans really mellow the mix out and give good energy in return. If you use those “scoop” type chips it makes for easy snacking (and no double dipping for those concerned). Black bean salsa has several bonuses: it comes together very quickly, travels like a champ, can be eaten at room temp or chilled, it’s colorful, hearty and healthy. That’s a lot of bonuses for one snack!

We explore black beans in August. What makes them black? Do they taste better than brown or white beans? Where do they grow? Are they good for you? We’ll attempt to answer all of those and more in the short article about this darkest of black turtle beans. Turtle beans are the star in the featured black bean salsa recipe. or August

The herb or spice of the month is homemade chili powder. Freshly blended chili powder is a concept spice that once experienced will have you throwing your old bottled faded chili powder away. As brightly colored and deeply flavored as a mix of dried chilies, cumin seed, garlic can be – a simple teaspoon of this chili powder will lift any recipe from routine. Our chili powder is not everyone’s effort, but the results are undeniable. Sprinkle in taco meat, pozole or chili to up the flavor. Makes the best chili gravy or enchilada sauce around.

As always: Life is short, Enjoy your Meals!

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