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Happy B'day USA

Happy B’day USA

July is always a special month – we celebrate our country’s birthday on the 4th. Barbecue season is in full swing as is the summer heat. Our featured recipe for July is a main dish salad. Cool, crisp and tangy this chicken salad has dried cranberries and jicama making for the name of “It’s not your Mama’s Chicken Salad“. Unique taste and texture combine to make this a hearty chicken salad a winning summer treat. We offer a sweet onion vinaigrette recipe for the perfect tangy sweet topping to drizzle over the tomatoes if not all the salad.

We revisit Jicama as our vegetable of the month as it’s used in the “Not your Mama’s Chicken Salad” recipe. Jicama is a dieter’s dream, full of crunch and flavor at 45 calories a cup. Jicama is usually eaten raw although it can be used in place of water chestnuts in chinese dishes. Try it raw and sprinkled with Tajin. Tajin is a wonderful spice blend used as a condiment and it’s our featured Spice of the month for July. Tajin comes to us from Mexico and reflects the flavors of the region with lime and chile. Read more about Tajin and it’s uses.

For July we offer a cooking tip. It’s a easy method of cooking chicken breast that is just about foolproof – we love foolproof at the FbyF kitchen. Read the short article describing how to get perfect white moist chicken breast without the hassle. We used this method to cook the chicken for the Not your Mama’s Chicken Salad featured this month.

As always: Life is short, Enjoy your Meals!

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