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East meets West by Newcomb

East meets West by Newcomb

East meets West Salad – funny how we Americans just tend to cross culinary boundaries.  I came across some pearl couscous and thought I’d build a recipe round this wonderful pasta product.  Little squishy pearls of pasta….color – needs color… how about some steamed soy beans (nice and green), some diced sweet red onion and the veggie component – oven roasted cauliflower.  Make a lemon vinaigrette with some thyme for accent.  It came together wonderfully.  Israeli pasta, Japanese soybeans, good old American cauliflower with an Italian inspired lemon vinaigrette – that is how the East meets West salad got it’s name.  Have since thought about additions of roasted cherry tomatoes or grilled artichoke hearts instead of the cauliflower.  Send us a comment, we would love to hear about your latest summer salad inspiration. The picture is East meets West by artist Melody T Newcomb, check out her work, amazing stuff!

The veggie component for September is soybeans.  Since we used some in the East meets West salad thought we would explore these little green gems of health.  Soybeans are an important crop worldwide as they are an excellent source of protein.  Soybean meal is found in most processed foods and almost all animal feed.  Soy oil is also an important crop from soybeans.  Tofu, Soy Sauce, TVP and Miso are just a few of the culinary gifts from soy.

The herb we explore this September is Lemon Verbena.  Just started some here for our upcoming growing season.  It’s one of those plants that whether you use it in cooking or not you will want one in your landscape – just brushing the leaves gives off the most wonderfully clean lemony scent.  Lemon verbena is known by several names, vervain, lemon beebrush, verbena and Louisa’s herb. Verbena is easy to grow in warm climates as it is not cold tolerant.

As always: Life is short, Enjoy your Meals!

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