Rockin’ March

marchImpromptu dinner guests led me to this months featured vegetable recipe (please excuse the corny name) Spaghetti Squash Surprise. This version of one of our favorite squashes is sweet and savory, perfect beside roast pork or turkey. The recipe couldn’t be any simpler, using only 4 ingredients. Nice change for spaghetti squash, a bit dressed up but worth the additional ten minutes of time.

Always looking for better nutrition and lower triglycerides led me to explore bulgur wheat. Had always heard vegetarian friends praise it, but had never really added it to the Franz menu. The trek has just begun with bulgur wheat, first bonus is it’s high in fiber and low in price – a great meal deal. Recipe experimentation has begun, and when bulgur was used in meatballs, it was such a game changer that just had to share. Enjoy this delicious alternative for your next spaghetti and meatball dinner or meatball sandwich.

To follow suit, we explore bulgur wheat itself. Bulgur is a particular part of a durum wheat head that is ground into various weights from fine to extra coarse. It is a cereal grain that can be used instead of rice, especially for those looking to be on the less cholesterol side. Nutritionally a winner, high fiber, high protein and low in calories with a bonus round of vitamins and minerals. Bulgur wheat is very popular worldwide and is a staple in countries like India and Turkey. From salads, pilafs, soups and bakery goods, bulgur wheat is a tasty dietary benefit. The article contains many recipe idea’s. We’d love to hear about your favorite use of bulgur.

Had to input a new rave here. It’s the latest snack indulgence. Like an ice cream sundae in that it’s hot and creamy cool try Kettle cooked Jalapeno chips and large curd cottage cheese as a dip. Realize that it sounds crazy, but it’s so yummy in a carb fit. The crunch of the crispy hot jalapeno against the creamy smooth cottage cheese – call it Southern Poutine kind of… Anyway it’s better tried than written about, so give it a go next time you have a carb fit. Beats eating just chips anyway.

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